Posted by: heliamphora | 26 July, 2008

First Things First?

Hello, blog. Nice to meet you. I want to show the world all my vegan cooking experiments, and I want you to help me. That is all. 🙂

*ahem* Actually, that wasn’t all. I don’t know how best to bring you up to date on all the documented dishes I’ve already made. Perhaps the simplest way – at least for now – is to point you in the direction of my photo albums on Facebook, and my recipes on VegWeb. Yeah, I could dig up the past, but I figure: if my recipes prove worth keeping, I’ll make them again. And then you’ll see them here!

Of course, I don’t want to continue without first thanking VegWeb as my primary source of vegan culinary inspiration. Love you, VW Peeps. ;D



  1. Heeeeey Heli! Thanks for the nice comments and for having a look at my blog, I have a long way to go (and I’m really not sure how to use this site yet) but so far it’s fun to record my adventures into the world of being vegan. Are you a subscriber to this site? I love your food pics and recipes…will have to try some 😀

  2. Ahoy theo… 🙂 Nice of you to drop in.

    Jeez, I need to update this puppeh! I’ve photographed lots of food porn since my last post. I veganised an old favourite recipe, too, since then. Yeah, I’m new to WordPress too. It’s got way better features than Blogger, which I used to use. I wanna pay for the CSS editing feature so I can make my own layout.

    See you on VW!

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